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We are proud to offer our tailor-made relocation services for the La Côte, Vaud and Geneva area in English, French and German. Services can be provided stand-alone or as a bundle, personalised to your needs. 

Please see below a detailed list of services we provide, to make your move as easy as possible.


Orientation Tour

Get to know the area.

  • First glance at life in Geneva/La Côte, Vaud

  • Orientation trip to identify the areas suitable for you

  • Insights into public transport, retail and hospitality

  • Recreation and leisure opportunities

  • The tour can be useful before moving to Switzerland or after you have moved into your accommodation


We can find the right housing for you.

  • Identification and creation of a detailed search profile

  • House/Apartment search, virtual or in-person

  • Accompanied visits of preselected housing

  • Finalisation of the lease contract and move-in inspection 

Registration & Insurance

We provide you with information on requirements in Switzerland.

  • Help with local authority/community registrations and insurances

  • Assistance in the transfer of your driving licence

  • Reviewing medical/dental facility options



We will find the right school for your children among the vast choice of excellent schools.

Your children are our priorities as schooling is crucial for their future.

We will provide extensive advice on all aspects of the schooling search:

  • In-depth analysis of individual schooling needs

  • The suggestion of two or three schools which meet your requirements

  • Upon request, joint visits of the suggested schools and help with registration

Personal Assistance

We provide assistance for any additional services you require to facilitate your move.


Tips for everyday life

We offer advice to make day-to-day life and move pleasurable.


Settling In

We can ease your transition to living in Switzerland, for your particular choice of area.

We give you background information and practical help to get you settled as smoothly as possible.

Dossier Support

We offer expert guidance on crafting a compelling cover letter and organizing supporting documents for your Dossier, along with a bonus 'Tips for the Viewing' session, to help you create a strong housing application effortlessly. Your path to a new home, made easy.

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